ICE Book Reader Professional

ICE Book Reader Professional

Flexible e-book reader and telemprompter for LIT, EPUB, and CHM files
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More than just an e-book reader, ICE Book Reader Professional not only allows you to read comfortably on your PC any EPUB, LIT, CHM, or FB2 e-book (among other formats), but comes also with teleprompting capabilities. This and its high level of flexibility are two of the assets that make this tool stand out from the wide variety of PC-based e-book readers available.

Though it can be minimized and even sent to tray, ICE Book Reader Professional opens in full-screen mode by default to make the most of your monitor’s display. The program also launches your “library”, a dialog where you can import all your e-books and then select the one you wish to read. Here you can also add tags to your books and manage your collection in a more efficient way by getting rid of possible duplicates, organize your books in different collections, see at a glance the books you’ve read, the latest incorporations, etc. From here you can also export your favorite books.

Once a book has been selected, this excellent reading tool will display the text using large and colorful fonts, a default foreground/background color combination, and a comprehensive settings dialog. All of these features can be easily customized from this small window in the bottom-left corner of your screen. Actually, you can do much more than just that, like turning this e-book reader in a convenient and customizable teleprompter. You can input your favorite scroll mode settings, i.e. the speed, the jump mode, the scroll skin, normal and mirror modes, and so on. These text-scrolling capabilities will let you set the place at which you want to read the book without having to “turn the pages” yourself, so to speak. This is not only useful for presentations, but also for anyone with difficulties in holding a paper book or in manipulating the controls of a PC, or anyone just wanting to take a break from eye-straining small print. In fact, this tool can make a video recording of your book being scrolled down from cover to cover so that you can play it back on your DVD player and read it on your TV.

You can also edit the text while you read it, so you can make corrections to your own texts while preparing your presentations, and even have it all read out loud for you. TTS support is just another of this program’s great assets. Using text-to-speech technology, ICE Book Reader Professional can read out loud any supported book using your favorite voice and your favorite speed. Actually, the program can even create an audiobook for you by saving the synthetic speech in either WAV or MP3 audio files.

As seen, ICE Book Reader Professional is much more than just another e-book reader. The possibilities are manifold, and you are free to check them all for yourself by downloading the program’s trial version. If you are into reading, it won’t disappoint you at all.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Highly customizable text appearance.
  • Conversion capabilities for TXT and Office files.
  • Reads compressed files without extracting them.
  • Text-To-Speech support.
  • Can generate an audiobook in WAV or MP3


  • No drawbacks found
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